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NC Subvets Receive 2013 USSVI Meritorious Award

meritorious Presented to the member, base, or group that most exemplifies the motto, "Pride Runs Deep," who, by the efforts and involvement of a member, group or base in local veterans affairs, parades, school activities, and presentations to civic, legislative, veterans, patriotic and other organizations.

Upcoming Events

April 7-11 2014 Southeast Regional Convention Registration
April 12 Azalea Festival Parade in Wilmington
May 16-17 WWII Submarine Memorial at Moonshine Mountain Registration
May 24 USSVI 50th Anniv. Navy Plaque Dedication in Washington, DC Information
May 26 2014 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC Website
Please contact Jerry Leppart if going to this parade Email Jerry
June 7 NC Air Museum Annual Fly-In Website

2014 Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Parade

Notes and more pictures from our March 15 event

2013 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Dinner

Notes and more pictures from our December 7 event

2013 Asheville Christmas Parade

Notes and more pictures from our November 23 event

2013 Asheboro Veterans Day Parade

Notes and more pictures from our November 11 event

2013 High Point Veterans Day Parade

Notes and more pictures from our November 10 event

2013 Winston Salem Veterans Day Parade

Notes and more pictures from our November 9 event

2013 Submarine Veterans of WWII Memorial in Kings Bay

Notes and more pictures from Kings Bay, October 30 - November 2

2013 Kaps-4-Kids Event in Person County

Notes and more pictures from the Nat Greene Base September 28 event

2013 Old Soldier's Parade in Newton

Notes and more pictures from our August 15 parade

Continued in the Event Archives of Aux Tank #0

Creed and Purpose

SubVets National Logo USSVI Website

To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

In addition to perpetuating the memory of departed shipmates, we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie. We support a strong U.S. Submarine Force.

The organization will engage in various projects and deeds that will bring about the perpetual remembrance of those shipmates who have given the supreme sacrifice. The organization will also endeavor to educate all third parties it comes in contact with about the services our submarine brothers performed and how their sacrifices made possible the freedom and lifestyle we enjoy today.